Industrial Digitalization Platform (IDP)

  • Category: Enterprise
  • Client: Multiple: SaaS, KSA & Egypt
  • Duration: January 2021 - December 2022 (2 Years)
  • Role: Development Lead
  • Stack: Java, Spring, Angular, Microservices, Cloud, Docker, Big Data, Kafka, Spark, ELK
  • Summary:

    Led the development of the Industrial Digitalization Platform (IDP), a comprehensive IoT platform designed to address diverse use cases in the industrial IoT field.
    This project catered to multiple clients in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, providing a scalable, modular, and customizable solution built from scratch.
    Leveraging a cutting-edge technology stack including Java, Spring, Angular, microservices architecture, cloud infrastructure, Docker, Big Data technologies (Kafka, Spark), and ELK stack, IDP enables businesses to digitize their industrial processes, optimize operations, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Project Details

As the Development Lead for the Industrial Digitalization Platform project, I played a central role in steering the development efforts and ensuring the successful delivery of a versatile and robust IoT platform.

Key highlights of my involvement include:

  • Technology Stack Selection: Collaborated with stakeholders to select the most appropriate technologies and architecture for building a scalable and feature-rich IoT platform capable of meeting the diverse needs of industrial clients.
  • Modular Architecture Design: Designed a modular and extensible architecture based on microservices principles, enabling flexibility, scalability, and ease of customization to accommodate various use cases and business requirements.
  • Cloud-Native Deployment: Leveraged cloud infrastructure for deployment, enabling scalability, high availability, and ease of management, while also ensuring compliance with security and regulatory standards.
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Implemented real-time data ingestion, processing, and analysis capabilities using Big Data technologies such as Kafka and Spark, enabling clients to derive actionable insights from their industrial data streams.
  • User Interface Development: Collaborated with UI/UX designers to create an intuitive and responsive user interface using Angular framework, providing users with a seamless experience for monitoring, analysis, and control of industrial assets and processes.
  • Integration and Interoperability: Ensured seamless integration with existing industrial systems, IoT devices, and third-party services through robust APIs and interoperability standards, enabling data exchange and interoperability across heterogeneous environments.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: Implemented monitoring and analytics functionalities using ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), enabling clients to visualize and analyze their industrial data in real-time, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance.

  • The Industrial Digitalization Platform project represents a significant achievement in the field of industrial IoT, demonstrating my expertise in software development, system architecture, and project leadership.
    By delivering a scalable and versatile IoT platform, IDP empowers businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey and unlock new possibilities for innovation and efficiency in industrial operations.