• Category: Mid-Size
  • Client: N/A
  • Duration: October 2016 - October 2017 (1 Year)
  • Role: Development Lead
  • Stack: Hardware, Python, NodeJs, Android, Firebase, IOT
  • Summary:

    As the Development Lead for Medox, a college graduation project, I led the development of a medical box designed to assist caregivers in monitoring and managing the medication, vital signs, and location of senior citizens.
    The project incorporated hardware design using Arduino and Raspberry Pi, along with software development in Python, Android, and Node.js, leveraging technologies such as Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Project Details

Medox was conceived as a college graduation project aimed at addressing the needs of caregivers in monitoring and managing the health and well-being of senior citizens.

Key details of the project include:

  • Medical Box Design: Designed and prototyped a medical box equipped with sensors and communication modules to monitor medication intake, vital signs, and location in real-time.
  • Hardware Implementation: Utilized Arduino and Raspberry Pi for hardware implementation, integrating sensors for medication tracking, vital signs monitoring, and GPS for location tracking.
  • Software Development: Developed a mobile application for caregivers using Android, providing a user-friendly interface for medication reminders, emergency alerts, and real-time monitoring of vital signs and location.
  • Cloud Integration: Integrated cloud services to enable data storage, synchronization, and analysis, leveraging technologies such as Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for real-time notifications and communication.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Leveraged IoT principles and technologies to establish communication between the medical box, mobile application, and cloud server, enabling seamless data exchange and remote monitoring.
  • Emergency Response System: Implemented an emergency response system to allow senior citizens to request help quickly in case of emergencies, with caregivers receiving instant alerts and notifications.
  • College Graduation Project: Developed as part of a college graduation project, Medox represents a culmination of academic learning and practical application in addressing real-world challenges in healthcare and eldercare.

  • Medox exemplifies my expertise in interdisciplinary project management, spanning hardware design, software development, and cloud integration.
    By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, Medox aims to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens and provide peace of mind for caregivers, showcasing the potential of technology to address societal needs and improve healthcare outcomes.