Multiple Mini Projects

  • Category: Mid-Size
  • Client: N/A
  • Duration: January 2015 - January 2017 (2 Years)
  • Role: N/A
  • Stack: N/A
  • Summary:

    During my college years, I undertook various mini projects encompassing a wide range of topics and technologies.
    These projects were developed for online courses, college assignments, proof of concepts (POCs), and personal exploration.
    They cover diverse domains such as computer science, artificial intelligence, hardware simulation, operating systems, algorithms, networking, and more.

Project Details

The Multiple Mini Projects portfolio showcases my versatility and expertise across different domains and technologies.

Here are some key examples:

  • College Social Network: Developed a social network platform tailored for computer science engineering students, featuring user profiles, notification systems, chat functionality, course registration, and grade tracking.
  • AI Puzzle Solver: Implemented various artificial intelligence algorithms (DFS, BFS, GBFS, A*) for solving puzzle games, demonstrating proficiency in problem-solving and algorithmic techniques.
  • Cache Simulator: Developed a CPU hardware cache system simulation using C/C++, showcasing understanding of computer architecture and memory management.
  • Linux Kernel Modification: Explored Linux kernel modification by adding new commands and functionalities using C/C++, demonstrating understanding of operating system internals.
  • Algorithms Comparison: Compared insertion sort and merge sort algorithms using Python, showcasing analytical and computational skills.
  • Banker Algorithm: Implemented the banker's algorithm for resource allocation in operating systems using C++, demonstrating proficiency in concurrent programming and synchronization.
  • Calculator: Developed simple command-line and GUI calculators using C++ and C#, showcasing proficiency in user interface development.
  • Parallel Processing: Explored parallel processing techniques using GPU (Matlab) and OpenMP (C++), demonstrating understanding of parallel computing paradigms.
  • RSA Cryptography Algorithm: Implemented the RSA cryptography algorithm using C++, showcasing understanding of encryption techniques and security protocols.
  • Raspberry Pi Motion Detector: Developed a motion detection application for Raspberry Pi using PIR sensor and USB camera, integrating with PHP for web-based image viewing.
  • Robot Workspace: Created a Matlab GUI application to visualize robot manipulator workspace, demonstrating understanding of robotic kinematics and simulation.
  • Threads and Concurrency: Explored multithreading and synchronization concepts using Java, demonstrating understanding of concurrent programming paradigms.

  • These mini projects reflect my continuous learning, experimentation, and passion for exploring new technologies and domains.
    They serve as a testament to my adaptability, problem-solving skills, and dedication to mastering diverse aspects of computer science and engineering.