RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

  • Category: Enterprise
  • Client: STC, KSA, GS, Egypt
  • Duration: July 2018 - December 2020 (2.5 Years)
  • Role: Development Lead
  • Stack: .NET Core, RPA, Digital Transformation, BPM
  • Summary:

    Led the development of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for clients including STC (Saudi Telecom Company) in KSA and GS (unnamed client) in Egypt.
    Over the course of 2.5 years, the RPA project focused on automating business processes and integrating systems to improve efficiency and productivity.
    Additionally, an ASP.NET API was developed to facilitate the execution of robots and query their status.

Project Details

As the Development Lead for the RPA project, I oversaw the implementation of RPA solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients in the telecommunications sector.

Key highlights of the project include:

  • Business Process Automation: Utilized RPA technologies to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks across various business processes, reducing manual effort, minimizing errors, and improving operational efficiency.
  • System Integration: Integrated RPA solutions with existing systems and applications within client organizations, enabling seamless data exchange and workflow orchestration across heterogeneous environments.
  • ASP.NET API Development: Designed and implemented an ASP.NET API to serve as a centralized interface for managing and executing robots, providing clients with a user-friendly and efficient means of interacting with the RPA system.
  • Scalability and Performance: Engineered the RPA solutions to be scalable and performant, capable of handling large volumes of transactions and accommodating future growth and expansion.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Implemented monitoring and reporting capabilities to track the execution of robots, monitor system health, and generate insights into process performance and efficiency.
  • Training and Support: Provided training and support to client teams to ensure smooth adoption and operation of the RPA solutions, empowering them to leverage automation effectively in their day-to-day operations.

  • The RPA project represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation journey of client organizations, demonstrating my expertise in RPA implementation, system integration, and project leadership.
    By automating business processes and streamlining operations, the RPA solutions have enabled clients to achieve tangible improvements in efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.